About Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP

Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP is a law firm focused on the representation of public and private-sector employers in matters involving labor and employment issues. The firm is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, but its practice extends beyond the Lone Star State - throughout the Southwest and around the Nation. As a minority/women-owned law firm, our diverse team is well equipped to handle our clients' varied employment needs.

There are many reasons for the firm's success, starting with the quality of its attorneys and support staff. Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP is comprised of excellent attorneys with outstanding credentials, big-firm training, broad-based experience, and diverse backgrounds. Our attorneys are well-versed in crafting creative and effective solutions to the challenges faced by clients.

The breadth of experience within the firm allows Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP to handle virtually any matter relating to an employer's employment practices. This includes matters such as wrongful-discharge litigation, civil service matters, equal employment investigations, wage and hour claims, contract negotiations, arbitrations, contentious harassment claims, trade secret and unlawful competition litigation, administrative proceedings, union organizing and decertification campaigns, and class-action lawsuits. Our attorneys are also adept in preventative counseling, management training, and assisting employers with drafting and implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP attorneys are frequently called upon to write and speak on issues of concern to employers and cutting-edge developments in the fields of labor and employment law and policy. Bettye Lynn is also Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

When taking into account the client's perspective, the most important measure of any law firm comes down to one thing - getting results. Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP is committed to providing its clients with high-quality counsel and service, which means not only listening to and anticipating their needs, but also attempting to out-think and out-strategize the opposition. By being aggressive, industrious, and smart, our attorneys have amassed an outstanding track record of success in disputes with disgruntled employees and organized labor unions. Our attorneys have also prevented untold numbers of potential claims by helping our clients foresee, address and avoid problems.

In achieving positive results, our attorneys understand that clients face constant pressure to contain costs without compromising quality, which is why Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP is also committed to providing exceptional value. Our firm structure minimizes overhead and encourages efficiency. By emphasizing things that matter most - and eliminating things that matter least - Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP provides outstanding client service at reasonable rates. All matters are staffed with an eye toward keeping the client's total cost as low as possible while providing a high level of legal experience.

Perhaps the best evidence of our commitment to excellence and service is illustrated by the firm's clients themselves. Employers and other potential clients thinking of retaining Lynn Ross & Gannaway, LLP are encouraged to speak with some of our many representative clients. They will inevitably tell you of their satisfaction with their experience and the results obtained.